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12 April 2011 Launch of New Produts
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About Garison

     We Garison Electro Mechanical Systems Pvt Ltd. specialized in the fields of new generation PC’s, Digital information systems, Embedded Systems, Software development, Multi-Media Animations, and BPO. Our offshore development labs are well equipped with excellent professionals. At GARISON EMS, success can be attributed to the ingenuity and the technical know-how of the company's development & designing experts and engineers. GARISON EMS assures its customers of the best quality and service by a highly skilled professional and experienced team.

     Garison Electro Mechanical System provides Customized Solutions to various organizations belonging to both the public and private sectors. The major areas that we deal include Time & Attendance, Access Control, Industrial Automations, Amf panels and Safety & Surveillance Systems. Thus, our product range covers a large spectrum that comprises of both Hardware and Software Solutions to provide the highest levels of satisfaction.
   Our strength lies in providing specialized IT solutions for various industries. We have a planned methodology to rectify, implement and deliver the work within a stipulated time frame. Customer satisfaction and quality go hand-in-hand. We give utmost importance to the quality of products and services. Total Quality provides us an umbrella under which everyone in the organization can strive and create complete customer satisfaction.

Our Strength

•R & D Team- Highly potential young and enthusiastic experts from various reputed institutions are engaged in R & D work. They constantly strive to design and develop new methods and technologies to integrate advanced machines with sophisticated software to provide perfect Solutions to our clients.
• Development Team- Each of the team members in the development team are experts in there sphere. The development team is responsible to develop new Hardware and software solutions for our products and bring sophistication in the existing products by incorporating new modern methods and technologies.
Our development team performs all the customizations demanded by the clients in the existing device. Besides, as a policy, the development team members are given the exposure of working on implementation projects so as to be in— tune to the user needs and expectations.

• Implementation Team- The implementation team consists of people from both

domain as well as technical skills. The team members are not only well versed in methods and technologies used in our products and services but are also well acquainted with the process of clients. They can easily determine what solution is actually required at times when client themselves find it difficult to clarify their requirements. They are expert in determining and implementing perfect solutions at the client's environment or the workplace.

• Helpdesk Team- We has a very capable helpdesk team consisting of members

with development and implementation experience to provide quick solutions to the clients and react in the shortest possible time. Our team is extremely sensitive to the needs of the customer and is aware that the Security Solutions and the products like Time Office and Payroll are highly time critical applications, requiring instant resolution to the issues.

• Onsite Support Team- On specific request, we provide short term as well as long-

term on-site support to our large clients. These teams are composed of people well versed with the application as well as the client's requirements. They are supplemented by the experts in our development/ implementation and support teams.


Our success is the result of our dedication and strong commitment towards customer satisfaction. Undoubtedly, our outstanding infrastructural abilities are the only factor that strengthens us in fulfilling our business objectives. We are well equipped with cutting-edge technologies and a team of highly qualified professionals that fit perfectly in our equation of manufacturing incomparable products that surpass everyone's excellence. Our pools of experts work tirelessly to devise high-tech products. We provide them with ample training to stay ahead of the constant changes in the market.
Quality Assurance

We are keenly administered by a team of hardcore professionals at every level of manufacturing process. Our well equipped quality inspectors conduct random inspections on a regular basis that hardly leaves any possibility of quality degradation.